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Birleşik Koyunlulular Mensucat Tic. ve San. A.Ş.





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 Carded Mill...



Closed Area m2: 30.000

Number of Spindles: 56.736

Production: 39 tons/day


Machine Park:

Trützschler Blow Room

Trützschler and Marzoli Card Machines

Vouk and Rieter Draw Frames

Vouk Combers and Unilaps

Suessen, Toyota and Marzoli Ring Spinning Frames

Schlafhorst and Murata Winding Machines

SSM Assembly Winder

Volkman Twisting Frames

Xorella Conditioning Cauldron


More Information:

Jossi in the blow room, Uster Quantum and Loepfe foreign material removal systems in the winding room of the carded mill are available.


The Carded Mill that started operating in the year 1973 with 110 Marzoli ring spinning frames of 50.160 spindles capacity as the first establishment of Birko, has achieved the spindles capacity of 56.736 after the renewal and modernisation attacks conducted between the years 1991 and 1995.



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