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Birleşik Koyunlulular Mensucat Tic. ve San. A.Ş.





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  Yarn Type                                           Yarn Count (Ne)


  Carded Yarn                                              Ne 6/1-40/1


  Combed Yarn                                            Ne 10/1-60/1


  Combed Compact Yarn                               Ne 20/1-60/1


  Open-End Yarn                                          Ne 8/1-36/1


  Organic Yarn                                             Ne 6/1-40/1


  Mix Yarn (Carded)                                     Ne 6/1-30/1


  Mix Yarn (Combed)                                    Ne  14/1-40/1


  We are working with 100% cotton or with polyester, polyamide, viskose and bamboo cotton mixes at any desired ratio.


The above yarn varieties are folded and twisted up to 3 fold.


BIRKO INC.'s cotton and yarn laboratories are equipped with the latest technology. In these laboratories, all necessary quality control tests are carried out in all steps of the processes from the entry of the raw materials till the production exit with Uster Spectrum, Spinlab, AFIS NLT,Tester 4, Tester 3, Tensorapid 3, Classimat, Autosorter, Schlafhorst Zweigle Friction Tester and Zweigle Haireness testing equipments. This procedure helps to reach the best results. The sovereignty on the quality of the final product in BIRKO INC. is started with the 100 pct checks conducted on the incoming raw material.


BIRKO GROUP has been working with the international textile consultancy company Werner International for many years. The quality control programs besides mechanical and electrical maintenance programs used are prepared by this company and applied with great sensitivity by our trained exper staff. ISO 9002 quality certificate was approved in the year 2001 by BVQI; an international company. This certificate is also revised as ISO 9001-2000 in December 2003. The Oeko-Tex Certificate shows that products of BIRKO GROUP do not give harn to human health; certified organic cotton used in the production and also, the waste treatment plants are the signs how much the human health and environment is cared by BIRKO GROUP besides the quality.